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New Gondry Video!!!

Mia Doi Todd’s tropical vibe fits like a glove with that unmistakable Gondry touch. It’s colorful and involves t-shirts and choreography. There’s also bonus homo-eroticism! I’ve watched this more than a few times…


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This video is teh sex.

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Damn. Fire.

ht discobelle

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Industrial Design Porn

God bless you, creative commons.  A recent youtube search for Atlas Sound’s new utterly gorgeous collaboration with Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier brought up this gem of archive footage – an 8 plus minute video catalog of various housewares and furniture from the golden age of American industrial design.  Giggidy!

The track on its own is no slouch either, all swirling synths and fuzzed out guitars that neither Bradford Cox, nor Sadier are any stranger to in their respective bands.


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